Daniel and Masi are the only access we get to the cast of Five-0 apart from the writers, and it’s already generous of them to share photos and tweets of what’s happening on set with us, so don’t ruin it, please? Stop looking for double meanings in what they post and just appreciate that they’re willing to share things with us and interact with us at all! Show some respect to them.

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    I was worried the fanbrats would pretend to be good people now Lauren’s gone. Thank god they still behave like raging...
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    *sigh* This is why I have mixed feelings about fandom and Twitter. On the one hand it’s great to interact with...
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    5-0 fans haven’t been too rational lately, so I’m honestly not surprised by this. It’s ridiculous though.
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    what the fuck? who was the stupid asshole who complained about the picture? There’re some fans ruining things for us, if...
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