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queenbratty said:
Thank you so much for capturing mckono hug!!!! seriously, i just died!!!! i think im having a hard time to breath right now hahahaha! the way kono hug and hold steve's head i just can't help it but to smile like an a idiot lol damn it! Anyway, thank you for always capturing the moment of mckono. keep going! :) xo

Aw you’re very welcome bb! Mandy also giffed the hug here, fyi :)

And I know right! It was so unexpected (for me at least) but oh so perfect! Our babies ^______^ I’ll definitely keep giffing mckono moments when they pop up! I’m also going to redo some of the old ones that I made without PS because they look so yuck haha so keep a look out for those :)

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1.05 | 4.18

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Mr. November and ‘Most Dependable’

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AU: Danny x Kono (requested by anonymous)

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McKono Moments: Head holding hugs (4.19)

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Anonymous said:
Hi! Can you do a gif of Danny and Kono? I would appreciate if it was Danny on the bed waking up to Kono. Thanks!

Hey lovely! Sure thing, I’ll try and get around to it today, or if not in the next few days for sure :)

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Anonymous said:

WASN’T IT JUST THE BEST?!?!?! Our babies are so precious ugh and the way Kono had her hand on the back of Steve’s head before she let him go, OH MY FEELS! Not to mention he did the same thing when he gave Danny a hug too oh my gosh I can’t with these two

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